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BOLON is a brand that gives people a fashion style and the confidence to be themselves.

The new campaign conveys the core brand message of being yourself and having the liberty to express your personality 
without following the ever-changing fashion trends. 

The “I DARE MYSELF” story encourages people to express who they are, through the showcase of different sides of their 
personality, by keeping the campaign free of formal fashion conventions and dictates. 
The story is conceived as a symphony of meaningful moments happening in the lives of our celebrities.

They share with us their common motto of audacity, they dare to be themselves.


Anne Hathaway & Bolon Eyewear

Academy Award winner, Anne Hathaway is Bolon’s brand ambassador since 2016.
Known for her elegant simple fashion style, the actress is the perfect fit to represent 
the brand values with glamour and elegance. 

“I think that the new Bolon philosophy of being who you really are is so important,
it’s something that I truly believe in, and its something I try to do in my own life.
The thing that I love about this collection is how cool they look and how light they feel.
You can wear them all day and forget that you’re even wearing them.

I love the collection because its a great combination of modern and traditional, and
I love that Bolon is able to identify the importance of being confident with
who you are. That is why I really love my character in this short film,
because she’s a woman who feels confident just being herself, and I think
that is beautiful.”
 - Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway x
Bolon Eyewear Campaign

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